Stellar Skies & Northern Lights Illuminate the North Star State

There’s a perfectly scientific explanation for the aurora borealis phenomenon (more commonly known as the northern lights), and we’ll get to that in a minute. But when you see it in person—weaving, flickering and pulsing across the night sky, lighting up the stars with its impossible river of greens, purples and reds—it just feels like magic. Like the universe is reaching out to you, personally, and waving hello.

Warm Up at Minnesota Spas & Saunas

As snowflakes flutter softly to the ground outside, there’s no better time to drape a fuzzy robe across your shoulders, slow down and engage in some much-needed relaxation. This winter, embrace the season’s slower pace and spirit of rejuvenation with a trip to the sauna or spa. Saunas were first introduced to Minnesota by Finnish immigrants who moved here in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Since then, they’ve become as Minnesotan as walleye and wild rice, although finding one you don’t need to

Get Hooked on Minnesota Ice Fishing

Jarrid Houston will convince you to go ice fishing in the same way Paul Bunyan might convince you to wear flannel. He’s not pushy about it, but Houston’s confidence in the glory of Minnesota’s quintessential winter activity is undeniably contagious. “I find it hard to believe that anybody would go ice fishing once and not want to do it again. Once you do it, you’re gonna be hooked—it’s 100 percent my favorite type of fishing.”

From Mining to Fat Biking, Cuyuna's Transformation is Weather Proof

The now-dormant iron ore mines at Cuyuna were once the region’s main economic engine, and in a roundabout way, they still are. Although the mines closed for good back in 1984—abandoned like so many other industrial sites across America during that time—over the past 10 years, something unexpected happened. Something magical. The mines were reborn as mountain bike trails and, once again, they beckoned people to Cuyuna.

11 Minnesota Pumpkin Patches Perfect For Your Fall Family Adventure

Maybe it’s the smell of fresh-baked pumpkin pies wafting through the cool fall air, or some well-hidden secret in the heart of a corn maze. Maybe it’s the lush fall colors, or the unmistakable crunch crunch crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. There’s just something magical about exploring a pumpkin patch in the fall—and whatever that magic may be, pumpkin patches in Minnesota sure have a lot of it!

Bikepacking in Minnesota: Getting Lost & Finding Adventure

It’s not hard to see why bikepacking—like minimalist backpacking, but on your bike—has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. It’s overnight, self-supported bike camping, riding primarily on low-maintenance forest roads, logging trails, gravel and singletrack—everything you love about backpacking, plus the extra speed, distance and thrill of a bike trip. Bikepacking offers an unbeatable mix of breathtaking scenery and backcountry exploration.

5 Picture-Perfect Long Weekend Bike Trips

Planning the perfect long weekend bike trip is a delicate thing. If your destination is too far away, you’ll spend the whole trip just getting there; if it’s not far enough from home, it barely even feels like a vacation. To make planning your trip a little easier, we put together this list of fun, three- to four-day bike trips in Minnesota. They’re perfect for your next long holiday weekend (or even just your next “sick day”).